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From the historic brownstones that line many residential blocks to the adaptive reuse of older industrial buildings, Hoboken has worked hard to preserve a lot of its character over the years. But perhaps the most unique street and ornate homes can be found on Castle Point Terrace, and they were designed to be just that around the turn of the 20th Century.

Castle Point Neighborhood, Near 07030

Castle Point Terrace, like much of Hoboken, was originally owned by Col. John Stevens. He had initially built a resort on the land in the early 1800s and constructed the original Castle Point, which was his summer estate on the hill overlooking New York Harbor. Col. Stevens was a pioneer in the development of the steamboat and designed the first American-built steam locomotive.

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Latitude: 40.7469277

Longtitude: -74.0280096

Castle Point Neighborhood, Near 07030

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