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NJ Heating & Cooling Solutions was founded more than a decade ago and since then we have grown through our hard work and always putting our customers first. We started out with one van and two employees and today we are one of the leading HVAC specialists serving Jersey City and the surrounding areas. Our services include plumbing, heating and air conditioning and we are committed to bringing our customers the best service possible. Our work ethic and the incredible team that works with us have made us the go to choice for HVAC services throughout the area.


Our Mission is simple, to provide the absolute best service we can to our clients.  Your HVAC system is critical to the comfort of your home and when they decide to quit then you are going to want them fixed promptly.  We want to be the first company you call when your plumbing and HVAC systems need to be serviced.  Our technicians are on call around the clock because we know emergencies never happen at a good time.  We are a locally owned company and we are dedicated to providing, prompt service at a fair price.

We are a little old fashioned in that we believe in a hard day’s work and sticking to our word.  For our customers that means we show up on time and we stand by the quotes that we present.  We treat each and every client with the utmost courtesy and respect.  Our team members have been with us for years and all have gone through extensive background checks before coming to work with us.  For added peace of mind our company is fully licensed and insured to work in the state of New Jersey.

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    NJ Heating & Cooling Solutions is your go to solution for all of your HVAC needs. We treat each and every client with the utmost courtesy and respect.