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When You Need Emergency Heating and Air Conditioning Services

NJ Heating & Cooling Solutions repairs, installs and services all your HVAC needs and provides emergency repair 24/7 in the Jersey City area  by calling 201-685-3144.

Your HVAC unit is what makes your home comfortable and our team is here to make sure that your home stays comfortable.  We offer a comprehensive list of services including installation, maintenance and of course repair services when you need them the most.  Whether your heating services need just a quick fix to start working again or you need the whole thing replaced Jersey City’s #1 emergency air conditioning and heating service is here to help.

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HVAC Repair Services in Jersey City

If your  heat isn’t keeping the house as warm as it should be, the cost to heat your home is way above average or you notice funny smells when the heat is on then the time has come to have someone come in and look at your HVAC system.  Small issues have a way of becoming very big problems if they aren’t handled right away.  Our fully licensed HVAC technicians are trained to find the cause of these small problems, then you’re in the best position to decide if repairing it is suitable or if a full replacement is your best option.

We inform you well in advance of any major repairs along with the costs before we start any of our work.  We try and perform repairs where we can but sometimes your HVAC unit may be beyond saving. We always strive to save our customers money wherever we can.

HVAC Replacement Services

If your HVAC proves to be beyond repair then our team is ready to work with your to find you a replacement that works with the size of your home and the budget you have to work with.  One of our technicians will sit down with you and show you the options that are available to you and once you have decided on the unit that works for your home installation will begin.

Our technicians have years or experience and keep up to date with all of the latest models of furnaces and heating units.  They will make sure your new installation goes smoothly and that everything is connected as it should be.  You can rest comfortable in your warm house knowing your HVAC system was installed by the best.

HVAC Maintenance Services

If you have just bought a new HVAC unit or have a newer model then preventative maintenance can keep your system running efficiently for years.  Maintenance prolongs the life of your HVAC unit and saves you a fortune in repair costs.

Our technicians will come to your home once per year and make sure all of the connections are properly fastened, they will replace or clean all of the air filters and check and make sure your system is working at peak performance.

If there are any problems then this is the time to catch them and get them repaired.  Catching problems early keeps them from becoming big expensive problems later or.  We want to make sure your HVAC keeps your home at the perfect temperature for years to come.

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