About Kearny Point Reach

Kearny Point Reach is a cultural feature (channel) in Essex County. The primary coordinates for Kearny Point Reach places it within the NJ 07105 ZIP Code delivery area. The most popular species caught here is Black crappie and others. Town Ordinances drafted in 1889 founded the Kearny Police Department.

Kearny Point Reach Neighborhood Near 07105

Kearny Point Reach Zip:


Kearny Point Reach Geo Coordinates:

Latitude: 40.715673

Longtitude: -74.1302179

Kearny Point Reach Neighborhood, Near 07105

Here are some of the bars, restaurants and hotels around Kearny Point Reach:

The Westin Jersey City Newport – A 3-minute walk from the Newport PATH station, this upscale hotel is a 8 miles from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Mana Spanish food – Serving authentic and freshly prepared Latin cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Always providing travellers a place to rest and convene, it’s become what its name stands for: heavenly bread

Truck Stop Diner – The diner is known to truck drivers all over the country. The diner has been a base for advertising commercials for companies such as Tums. There were multiple music video clips that took place at the diner as well as GQ magazine fashion photography shoot. Sam and the family’s mission is to provide the best food and service. They use fresh and natural ingredients in all of their cooking. 


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